Lush Pedicure

Relax in our spa chair as you soak and relax your feet in a heated, scented spa bath. We will shape, buff and care for calluses, cuticles, soothing massage and your choice of polish.

Garden Pedicure

The treatment features Lush Pedicure plus OPI sugar scrub exfoliation to keep your feet softer and smoother.

Voesh Pedicure

With all the basic services such as shape, buff , care for calluses and cuticles, the Voesh treatment has different scents. You can choose the spa that fits your needs: Tangerine Twist, Cucumber Fresh, Vitamin Recharge, Ocean Fresh, Lavender Relieve, Virgin Olive Sensation, Lemon Quench, Green Tea.
Voesh Pedicure has four steps:
1. All Natural Sea Salt Soak
2. Moisture Scrub
3. Mud Masque
4. Massage Lotion

Milk and Honey Pedicure

This pedicure included Lush Pedicure plus natural sugar exfoliation and massage, infused with pure milk and honey, soothe skin and replenish essential nutrients. A moisturizing wrap and hotstone massage.